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Get Consistent Whitening with Quicklase Quickwhite

Quicklase Quickwhite is one of the earliest and professional dental equipment Manufacturer Company specializes in production and sales of dental equipment for the dental clinic. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of teeth whitening products & Soft Tissue Laser in Dentistry UK. Our company provides Professional Teeth Whitening System and techniques to provide consistent whitening at a competitive price. Our service is always circumspect, fast and safe!

We can supply many kinds of dental products as well as, Dental Whitening System, lasers, curing lights, cameras, dental X-ray equipment, Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening products, etc.  It can meet the needs of our customers about the products fast, high-quality and low cost. All of our products & whitening kits are designed and made in the UK to be effective and economical. We have a team of professional engineers and technicians, skilled workers and staff worker to follow orders.

We are willing to work with you to develop international brands and to be the leader in Dentistry. At Quicklase Quickwhite, we supply the highest quality products, so you will satisfy when using any of our equipment. We also offer a range of products such as intra-oral cameras, curing lights and other consumables such as curing tips and camera bulbs that may interest you. If you would like to order or to find out more information call us on 01227 780009, and visit at, we will happy to assist you with any questions.